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Dog Training Tips: Socializing Your Adult Dog

Dog Training Tips: Socializing Your Adult Dog Hailee Mink, B.S.N.  Many people seek dog training and socialization advice from professionals after there has been an issue with their dog. We professional dog trainers always suggest to start socializing and training your dog the moment you adopt them, especially for puppies. Puppies’ socialization windows close at the…
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Dog Training Tips: Get Your Dog To Love The Vet

Dog Training Tips: Get Your Dog to Love the Vet Hailee Mink, B.S.N.  There are a few important things to know when you are working on training your dog that the vet is pretty dog-gone amazing. Many people see going to the veterinary clinic with their pet as a chore because Fido doesn’t behave well,…
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Dog Training Tips: Distractions and Your Dog

Dog Training Tips: Distractions and your Dog Gab Jimenez, B.A. We have all experienced it, some more than others. Everyone knows what it’s like to be distracted; you can’t focus, your mind begins to wander, and sometimes you even go from task to task without completing anything. Our dogs encounter the same struggle with distractions as many a…
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Clicker Training Tips

 Communication and the Clicker I have seen and read multiple articles discussing the topic of communicating with dogs. Some of these articles are wonderfully informative about canine body language, others promote the newest technology designed to let you know what your dog is thinking. I do not think we will ever be able to read our dog’s minds…
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Dog Brain Games

Dog and Puppy Brain Training 5 Fun ways to keep your dog happy through mental stimulation Gabrielle Jimenez, B.A. Biology Are you looking for ways to keep your furry friend busy? Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is one of the most important steps you can take towards responsible pet parenting. Here are 5 different ways…
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Pet Boarding: Kenneling a Dog with Special Needs

Having a dog with a list of medical issues can be stressful. Every day you worry. You have this long list of medications to follow, scheduled potty breaks, exercises or walks to keep up with, vet appointments, therapies, etc. But what about when you can’t keep up with your routine? What about when you get burnt out and…
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NKY Dog Boarding

Living With a Dog with Medical Needs

Living with a Dog with Medical Needs Hailee Mink Once upon a time, I adopted a puppy; I call him Levi. You might have heard our story before, or kept up with other blogs about us. Levi was rescued from horrifying conditions, in a place that such rescue organizations could never have imagined housed four…
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Dog Training Tips: Accepting Your Dog’s Limitations

How to Be a Better Dog Trainer & Dog Parent by Accepting Your Dog’s Limitations Gabby Jimenez, B.A. I recently returned from a trip to Portland, Oregon. My trip was a combination of education and fun; I attended the Clicker Expo a dog training conference in addition to visiting with some family in the area.…
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