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Get some insight about what we do and why we're different here at our NKY dog boarding, doggie daycare & training facility!

 As a NKY dog boarding, doggie daycare and training facility we strive to provide every four-legged family member in our care with a positive experience. Your dog's safety, both physically and mentally, is our TOP priority. Our staff not only receives an extensive education before ever even working with the dogs, but they receive on-going education as well. Leaving your dog with us will give you peace of mind, knowing that they will be care for by educated professionals and will be treated like a family member.

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Dog Boarding

Learn more about the "why" behind our Boarding Test Run, experiences with our Dog Boarding program and why you "don't just have to drop them off and hope".

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 Dog Daycare

If you've ever wondered about Doggie Daycare for your furry family member, find out more about our program. From structured days to tailored playgroups - we put the dogs first!

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Dog Training

Having a well-mannered family dog takes a lot of time and commitment. Take a look at some of our free dog training tips and read some personal stories and testimonials.

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Dog brain games, getting the most out of your Kong, homemade dog treats and more!

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Canine Insights

A deeper look at our four-legged companions.

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Dogs & Kids

Having both under the same roof can be tricky sometimes. Take a look at some personal experiences and some way to plan ahead.