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Living with Two Search and Rescue Dogs

Living with Two Search and Rescue Dogs  Sunny Allen When we decided to get a new Labrador Retriever puppy after the passing of a retired drug dog we had adopted named  K 9 Joe my husband Terry told me that this new puppy would need a   job. I didn’t know how much having a…
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January 15, 2015 0

Puppies Aren’t Blank Slates

  Thinking about getting a puppy? Or are you standing with your new bundle of fur thinking “what next?” When preparing to get a puppy or living with one you already have, it’s important to understand that puppies are not blank slates. A puppy’s temperament is determined through genetics and exists from birth. Understanding this…
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October 29, 2014 0
fireworks and pets

Fireworks and your Pets

The Fourth of July is only a few days away. Its a great time to celebrate with family and friends, but what about our four-legged family members? Fireworks and your pets generally are not a good combination. Many pets don’t enjoy the excitement and noise that come with this part of the year. Some neighborhoods…
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July 1, 2014 0

Changing Animal Treatment

Chances are if you live in our area, you’ve probably seen it; the person who screams obscenities at their dog when it’s not doing what they want or the person who uses force to regulate their dog’s behavior. We all love our bluegrass state. With the beautiful countryside, rich history, and excellent basketball, it’s a…
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June 3, 2014 0
dog boarding nky

Before I Got My Puppy

Puppy Preparation: NBK9 Helped Me Get the Dog of My Dreams I started searching for a boarding location before I got my puppy. That’s how important it was to me to have a place I trust. New Beginnings K-9 was the third and last place I looked. Karen stopped what she was doing and gave an…
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May 27, 2014 0
NKY Dog Boarding

My Journey to Adopting a Pit Bull

After graduating from college last May, I had a plan. But not the plan you’re probably expecting- the kind where I get a great job, move out of my parents’ house (again), get married and start a family. My plan was mischievous and I wasn’t about to tell anyone. I was getting a puppy. I…
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April 14, 2014 0
puppy training

What to Expect from Your Puppy

Whether or not you’re a first time puppy parent or a veteran, you probably have some expectations for your new bundle of fur. The problem is that not every puppy can live up to the expectations we set. It is important to consider the age and personality of your individual puppy before you set expectations.

January 29, 2014 0

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