My Journey to Adopting a Pit Bull

My Journey to Adopting a Pit Bull

April 14, 2014 Canine Insights 0
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After graduating from college last May, I had a plan. But not the plan you’re probably expecting- the kind where I get a great job, move out of my parents’ house (again), get married and start a family. My plan was mischievous and I wasn’t about to tell anyone. I was getting a puppy.

I didn’t care what anyone said. So what if I already had two 80 pound dogs at home? So what if I still lived under my parents’ roof? I was going to get one. It would be my gift to myself for surviving nursing school. I knew it was going to my greatest training challenge, to get a puppy, be a role model puppy parent and go through all of the trials and tribulations that our puppy parent clients go through. I knew certain things about my puppy search- I knew I wanted to rescue, and I knew I wanted a bully breed.

A few weeks before graduation I saw a beautiful rust colored pitbull puppy on Pet Finder. My heart was jumping for joy. So I immediately contacted the rescue and submitted my application. The founder was elated, however I was too late because my perfect puppy was adopted just an hour before. The rescuer mentioned that she had just received a call about a new litter of puppies. They were in very bad shape, but if they survived the rescue they would be ready for adoption soon. I agreed to consider them.

Over the next few weeks I received pictures and updates- but it only took the first dose of photos to melt my heart.  They had been stuffed into crates and had survived off of their own feces and urine for weeks. They were malnourished and were ridden with parasites. How could I walk away from them? I, of course, agreed to take one.

Two days later my mom walked in our front door and told me that she had received an interesting phone call about a rescue puppy. My cover was blown. At that point I started showing her the pictures and sharing their story. It was game over- she knew we needed to help.

Finally, it was the day I had been waiting for- the home inspection and meeting day. The rescue brought two puppies from the litter, a male and a female. I watched the interactions of both puppies and my family. I saw how the male ran around the yard playing with my golden retriever. He was very outgoing and curious compared to his reserved sister. It was a difficult decision but I fell in love with the outgoing male. My brother even came up with a name for him- Levi.

I should have known from day one how rambunctious, curious and energetic Levi was going to be, and sometimes I think back and wonder how my life would be different if I had chosen his calmer, more reserved sister. But the truth is that my life would have been a lot more boring! He brings so much laughter and joy to my life that his quirky behaviors don’t matter anymore. Those are just little details in the large, crazy story that is our life together.

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