Walking My Fear Reactive Dog

Walking My Fear Reactive Dog

January 16, 2015 Dog Training & Tips 0

Walking My Fear Reactive Dog

Gabby Jimenez

Are you constantly on the lookout when you are outside with your dog? Do you frequently walk your dog before the crack of dawn or late in the dark of night? Then you are probably the parent of a fearful dog. These are just some of the steps I take to enjoy walks with my fear reactive dog Bruiser.

If you take similar steps with your own dog give yourself a pat on the back. Not everyone has the patience and understanding required to live with a fearful dog; it is a challenge that few are prepared to accept. Living with Bruiser is a constant challenge and it can often be overwhelming and frustrating when a new fear pops up or an old one resurfaces. This is why it is so important to find ways for your fearful dog to explore new places in a safe and calm environment.

I am continually searching for new places to take Bruiser where he can just be a dog and doesn’t have to feel anxious. In these new safe places I use an extra long leash (10 ft. or longer) and I allow him to freely explore; this means I don’t say or do anything except follow his lead. These excursions only last about 15 minutes and often times I don’t have to drive more than 5 minutes from the house to find a good environment.

When I first started these adventures with Bruiser he was uncertain of what to do, but the more I took him out, the more confident he became. Now when we go to a new place he is excited and he immediately starts smelling and exploring his new environment. The best part is when he is finished Bruiser lets me know by heading back to the car and waiting for me to let him back in. Watching Bruiser’s confidence grow is what makes living with a fearful dog worth the effort.



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