5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mental Health

5 Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mental Health

January 4, 2018 Enrichment & Dog Delights 0

Dog Brain Training for Your Einstein Canine

1. Chew toys such as deer and elk antler’s are a great way to keep your dog mentally satisfied. Providing appropriate options will help prevent your dog from searching for their own entertainment. The Nylabone brand is a great option, they provide different choices like the Nylabone Dura Chew Ring and the more classic Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Bone. Chewing is also a great way for your dog to relieve stress and pent up energy. This is also a great chance to encourage your dog to be independent and entertain himself.

2. If you are looking for a more interactive way to mentally stimulate your dog, playtime is a great option. Make playtime more challenging by teaching your dog to retrieve toys by name. After your dog knows individual toys by name you can teach them to search for the toys you have hidden around your house and you can even teach them to clean up by putting them away in the toy box.

3. Every dog needs some type of mental stimulation to keep them calm and happy while you’re out of the house. Interactive feeders are a great way to keep your dog entertained for hours. These interactive toys come in a variety of styles and difficulties. There are puzzles made just for dogs and even bowls designed as mazes making your dog work for their meal is a great way to mentally stimulate them and the best part is you can use part of your dog’s daily food ration. Some toys connect together in multiple ways so you can continue to challenge your dog. Other types of feeders require dog to be more active, thus providing some extra exercise. Find the feeder that works for your dog and watch as they learn to solve problems all on their own. Some of our favorite puzzles and toys are the Kong Wobbler, Puzzle Feeder Dog Bowl (this is just one of many types of the puzzle feeder dog bowls), Busy Buddy Linkables, and the classic, wonderful, stuffable KONG of course! 

4. Enrolling your dog in a basic obedience training class is a great way to work their brain and learn some manners. Even if your dog already knows the basics keep finding fun new tricks to keep your canine Einstein satisfied.

5. Lastly one of the best ways to provide mental stimulation for your dog is to go on adventures. Seeing the same old streets and smelling the same old smells day after day can get pretty boring. Try taking your dog to new places a few times a week letting them explore and smell a variety of new environment is the best mental stimulation you can provide. These trips don’t have to be five-hour hikes. A short trip around 10 to 15 minutes in a new environment will tire most dogs out more than an even longer walk in your own neighborhood. Some of our favorite adventures spots include empty parking lots, parks, hiking trails and outdoor malls or any other place that is safe for you and your dog to explore on leash. These five methods of dog brain training are a great way to keep your best furry friend tired and happy!

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