Puppy Daycare

New Beginnings NKY Puppy Daycare:

Where every puppy has its play day!

Puppies are fun, adorable, and hard to resist. They are also time-consuming, labor-intensive little critters. If work or a packed schedule means you have to leave your puppy alone for hours during the day, our  NKY Puppy Daycare is the answer.

Remember, a tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy.

What Daycare Does For Your Puppy

Socialization Playing with other puppies teaches your puppy social skills, bite inhibition, and playground manners—in a safe, supervised environment.
Exercise Puppies in playgroup gallop about, leap, tug, and wrestle. It is all wonderfully exhausting and great for mental and physical well-being.
Manners We reinforce good manners like sit and polite greetings, and work to keep your puppy on a house-training schedule. We use rewards and time-outs to teach pups how to play fair with others.
Great habits Much like a pre-school, Puppy Daycare is carefully structured to balance playtime with naps, snack time, and cuddle time. Your puppy learns when to play and when to settle down.
Problem prevention A well socialized, well exercised puppy chews less, barks less, and is much less likely to develop behavior problems later in life.
Supervision Our highly trained staff knows canine body language, dog-dog play, and PetFirst Aid. The staff-to-puppy ratio never exceeds 1:8.

Puppy Daycare Details
Drop-off: Monday-Friday 6:30-9am
Pick-up: Monday-Friday 4:30-6:30pm

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