Dog Boarding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take all dogs?
New Beginnings K-9 is not a traditional kennel. We strive to give each dog what it needs according to personality, age, size and health. That’s part of the reason we’re able to integrate all breeds and most dogs, even those who haven’t been successful in boarding elsewhere.

2. …even those that don’t like other dogs?
We accept all breeds and yes, even dogs who prefer the company of humans over canines. For an additional fee, dogs in our specialized One-on-One Boarding will be exercised and stimulated separately by our boarding team and kept apart from other dogs. We have a separate walking track specially designed for those dogs who cannot be integrated with other dogs in playgroups. Private training is also a good option for dogs with dog-to-dog aggression.

3. What vaccinations and records are needed to enroll?
We require three vaccinations for our canine guests six months and older– rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. Puppies, 9-20, must have their first Bordetella and DHPP vaccines. We do accept titers. All vaccines must be administered at least 7 days prior to enrollment, for the protection and well being of your dog or puppy. We also ask that all puppies 9-20 weeks have a negative fecal within 2 weeks and dogs 21 weeks and older have a negative fecal within 30 days of entering our facility for the first time. All of the dogs in our care will need an updated negative fecal every 6 months thereafter.

4. What should I bring for my dog’s stay?
NBK9 asks that all clients supply enough food for their dog’s stay. Changing foods can create extra strain on the body and can cause digestive upsets. We encourage you to bring your dog’s bedding to help them feel more secure and at home. A t-shirt with your scent on it can help your dog feel at ease while boarding. Treats, toys and other extras are also welcome. We just ask that our clients refrain from packing squeaky toys, as they can upset other dogs.

5. Will you administer medication to my dog?
We are happy to administer topical, ear, eye and oral medications. Please provide a full list and schedule on the boarding questionnaire at the time of check-in to help us help your dog. Unfortunately, we cannot give injections.

6. Is NBK9 open on holidays?
Our boarding team is here to administer best-in-class care for your dog 365 days a year. However, we are closed for drop-offs and pick-ups on New Year’s, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

More questions? Contact admissions. (859)-282-6504