Holiday Pet Safety – Food

Holiday Pet Safety – Food

December 11, 2016 Enrichment & Dog Delights 0
holiday dog safety

Food for you, May not be food for Fido

At our dog training and doggie daycare facility in Northern Kentucky, we have had many questions from clients concerning the holidays and their pets. The holidays are packed with delicious food and tempting treats, but knowing what could be harmful for your four-legged family members may just save you a holiday trip to the emergency clinic or a life.

Whether it be a Christmas hook, a thumb tack, or a chocolate covered raisin, it all can become a serious matter or a life threatening issue in the blink of an eye.

There are many food concerns that need to be taken into consideration for our pets
during the holidays. Some people know that chocolate is poisonous for dogs to ingest, but there are several other foods that pose a serious danger. Other sweets and baked goods can potentially cause liver failure and even death due to an artificial sweetener,
Xylitol, that is often found not only in most chewing gum but in our holiday goodies. A less commonly know food danger is yeast dough. Yeast dough can not only cause painful gas, but can potentially cause a dangerous condition known as bloat. Grapes and raisins can actually cause kidney failure or even death. Turkey and turkey skin, while may seem harmless, have the potential to cause pancreatitis; which is a life threatening condition. Around the holidays our diets tend to consist of rich foods which can be especially fattening and hard to digest for our four-legged family members. There are many foods that are fine for us, but are actually poisonous for our pets, so consult your vet and manage your pet around well-meaning guests.

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