Doggie Daycare Test Run

Why do we use a Daycare Test Run? 

During doggie daycare your furry family member will be paired with friends of similar size, personality and play style.  Most dogs love the structured balance between play and rest- but for some dogs, meeting new friends can be scary and intimidating. Performing a doggie daycare test run helps us to let you know if daycare is the right step for your dog.

 What will my dog do during their Test Run?

Your dog will perform the same activities as all of our daily daycare dogs: They’ll start their day with a playtime, where we’ll introduce him to compatible friends. Once they're nice and tuckered out, they’ll be given a tasty treat and a nap. Here we’ll look for signs of stress when crated. Are they happily sleeping off their morning romp or are they exhibiting a little stress? Our daycare team will take notes while watching your dog’s behavior, that way they can let you know how your dog did and what your next step should be. If you’re not sure if our daycare program is right for your dog? Check out our daycare checklist.

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