Dog and Puppy Daycare

Dog and Puppy Daycare

March 4, 2015 Dog Daycare 0

Dog and puppy Daycare
Bre McCormick, B.A.
Do you have a dog friendly, social, and energetic adult dog or puppy in need of extra physical and mental stimulation? Or maybe you’re wanting crucial early socialization for your young puppy? If so, your canine companion may enjoy being a part of New Beginnings’ structured doggie daycare program. (Want to see our amazing daycare dogs in action? Check out our informative daycare video!)

Here at New Beginnings, we aren’t the typical free roam daycare. Our daycare program consists of a set schedule of alternating playtimes and naptimes. This insures your dog or puppy gets an ample amount of play, but also receives a much needed break before becoming too overstimulated. Our playgroups have a maximum of 8 dogs per staff member so that each playgroup is under close, constant supervision; not only to ensure the dogs’ safety, but to make sure that all of the dogs are playing appropriately and that no one becomes stressed. At New Beginnings we strive to promote calm play and good behavior through positive reinforcement and operant conditioning. It is our goal that your dog is able to play calmly and appropriately, ensuring your dog has fun instead of becoming overstimulated and cranky.

For puppies, daycare is a wonderful opportunity to provide early socialization to different
surfaces, environments, handling, and above all a variety of different dogs with various
temperaments and play styles. For adult dogs and puppies alike, daycare is also a great way to offer them some much needed physical exercise, and to stimulate their minds while you are busy at work all day. The end result is a tired, satisfied dog or puppy that will give you time to relax, but you’ll still be able to enjoy his or her company.

Here at New Beginnings we have two large and one small grassy, outdoor play areas. In case of inclement weather we have a covered potty area and two indoor playrooms with special padded floors to comfort your dog’s joints while they play. We also have another indoor playroom that is exclusively for puppies 9-20 weeks of age to prevent cross-contamination and to help keep your puppies safe.

Our doggy daycare program is a monthly commitment to attend a minimum of two of the same days each week. This structure of attending regularly and on the same days will ensure your dog has the best play partners each time he/she comes, and gives your dog a sense of routine to provide the best experience possible for your canine family member.

So how do you get started? Visit our facility or our doggie daycare page to fill out a daycare application and a vet release form. After we receive and review your paperwork our office staff will contact you to set up what we call a daycare test run, which is a requirement of all of our clients. The test run will let us know that your dog is comfortable and able to handle the new environment and schedule that they will face on a normal daycare day. During the test run your dog will experience a set play schedule, be introduced to potential play partners, one at a time, and tested in one of our stainless steel kennels after each playgroup. If at any point during the day your dog appears to be uncomfortable we will call you to come pick your dog up, so that they do not have a negative experience here at New Beginnings. So please keep in mind that you will need to be available to pick your dog up at any time on the day of your scheduled test run. Assuming everything goes well we will contact you with an update midday, just to let you know how your dog is doing, and to discuss possible days that you would like to bring your dog to daycare on a regular basis.

Again, New Beginning’s Dog and Puppy Daycare program is a wonderful opportunity for dog friendly, social, and energetic adult dogs or puppies to receive extra physical and mental stimulation or early socialization. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is having a blast and getting high quality care and extra attention while you’re at work all day. So give our daycare program a try, your dog may thank you for it!


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