New Beginnings Dog Services

At our Northern Kentucky facility we offer several different dog services. We offer Doggie Daycare, Dog Boarding and Dog Training - but we are not your average dog facility.

Here at New Beginnings the dog comes FIRST. We are not only concerned about the physical safety of all of the dogs, but their emotional safety as well. 


Doggie Daycare:

Open 365 days year, New Beginnings K-9, is always available for you, providing a fun, safe, and supervised environment for dogs on our cutting-edge campus. Our facility is on approximately 2.5 acres and features three all natural grass outdoor play areas. Our huge outdoor play areas are surrounded with 8 foot high fencing with a second 8 foot high fence in place for added safety. The second fence acts as the outer portion of a walking track which surrounds the entire perimeter of the outdoor play areas. Our all natural grass walking track is reserved for our One-on-One Boarding or our special daycare guests who do not enjoy the company of other dogs. All our indoor play area have specially padded floors to absorb the jolt of play and protect developing and maintaining joints.

Our doggie daycare play groups combine interaction with the human attendant, play with other dogs, toys when appropriate, agility and doggy jungle gym equipment to keep our guests stimulated.

Our human to dog ratio for our play groups are 1:8 for maximum supervised attention and no pet is ever left unattended.

We only accept well-socialized dogs that pass our strict evaluation so you don’t have to worry about your pup’s playmates.

Dog Boarding:

We understand the crucial role of exercise, social interactions, and mental stimulation play in your dog’s well-being, and we practice what we preach. For the duration of his stay with us, your dog’s days are carefully balanced between in and outdoor play, social time (if appropriate), in-room games, naps, and lots of TLC. Dog boarding with us is like sending your dog to camp and we reinforce obedience and manners throughout his stay, too. Our facility, which is designed for your dog’s complete comfort and safety, is exceptionally clean, air-conditioned, odor-free, and quiet.

If your dog is more comfortable with their own bedding, feel free to bring with you upon drop off, to assist in a stress free transition to your pet’s home away from home.

A fun, varied itinerary of in and outdoor play, puzzle toys, naps and cuddle time- all included in your dog’s stay, every day, with no a-la-carte charges, EVER.

We pride ourselves on our skilled, caring staff who understands canine behavior, training and First Aid.

We are for dog lovers with a commitment to teamwork between dog, owner, caretaker and trainer. We are for giving what’s needed to each dog, because only then can we get the best back. We are for respect for the research and knowledge that guide us in all we do. We are for the laughter and love our four-legged family members bring. We are for the journey to better understand your dog which leads all of us to a path to a better relationship.

Dog Training:

The customer comes first at New Beginnings and that’s your dog. At New Beginnings K9, we offer the best in class dog training for your dog in all of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. Our training approach is based on our desire to help every, single dog. We believe every dog has value, whatever the problem area may be. Improvement can always be made. Our teamwork approach- dog, owner, trainer, work together to develop good canine citizens. We help four-legged family members and their humans understand each other’s needs by teaching them to communicate. Our methods used to train involve only the best and the brightest new methods that are research-based positive reinforcement techniques to improve behavior. Whether we are teaching basic manners or working with aggression and phobias, our training is effective and rewarding for both dog and human. Choke, pinch and shock collars can be detrimental to our training and aren’t permitted in conjuncture with any class or allowed on the NBK9 premises. We feel education is the key to making our classes stimulating for owners and canines alike and hope you find us as a resource of higher learning as you enter the process of dog training. We are always happy to offer our consultation.


If you think positive and effective, reward-based training is right for you and your dog, then visit our Getting Started page to start your paperwork.

Feel free to call our admissions office with any questions at 859-282-6504.