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It's Not a PRISON


New Beginnings Provides Dog Boarding Based Around Compassion and Care

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We require a Boarding Test Run a minimum of 10-14 days prior to their desired first stay to get to know your dog in advance and determine if they will be comfortable staying with us while you are away right from the start. Doing the test run as far in advance as possible is recommended, that way if they may need a little help to have a pleasant longer term stay we have the ability to design a customized program just for your dog to help with the process. Dogs need to be completely comfortable with confinement and able to walk in willingly.  If you’re not sure if our boarding program is right for your dog, take a look at our boarding checklist.


  • It's OUR job to keep the dogs SAFE, both physically and emotionally

Dog fights DO NOT have to be part of the culture of an off-leash play facility and are not accepted as part of our culture.


  • We use only positive reinforcement and no force leadership practices in all of our programs.

Unlike other businesses in the pet industry, we DO NOT employ the common practice of utilizing shock collars in our off leash play programs as a method of controlling the dogs, nor as a method of bark control.

  • A nearly bark-less environment to help keep stress low.
  • A team of professionals committed to the safety of the dogs, superior care, the science of dog behavior and each dog’s emotional needs.
  • A 1:8 human-to-dog ratio for security and peace-of-mind.
  • A consistent schedule that balances play, mental stimulation and nap times.
  • Care from professionals who can identify the onset of illness, and know what to do if a dog gets sick or injured.
  • All inclusive pricing, with no hidden charges or add ons.
  • An environment that encourages, promotes and rewards good behavior.
  • Spotlessly clean, safe facilities - Come see for yourself!

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We offer tours of our facility every Saturday from 2:00 - 3:30 PM, with no appointment needed during this scheduled time.

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We at NBK9 are not infallible. When it comes to working with animals, things could still potentially occur despite our best efforts. That is why we take our responsibility to your four-legged family member so seriously. Our staff members receive extensive ongoing education on dog behavior and canine body language and we make every effort to prevent situations from arising, all the while making sure your dog has a fun enjoyable experience.

We have a safety record that is unparalleled, because your dog's safety IS our top priority.

New Beginnings Is Not Your Typical Dog Boarding Kennel


New Beginnings is not a traditional dog boarding kennel.  We pride ourselves in having a unique all-inclusive priced service that includes a full day schedule of rotation of indoor and outdoor play time balanced with an equal time of rest periods,  potty breaks, medication administration, feeding, stuffed kongs and good, all around loving care for those seeking dog boarding in Northern Kentucky, and dog boarding for the Greater Cincinnati area. No hidden fees or al-la-carte charges. It is our standard of care.

We strive to give each individual dog what’s needed according to temperament, age, size, health and behavioral factors. We take into consideration each dog’s emotional well-being and listen to what your dog is trying to tell us.


Everything here is built around what’s known about the physical and emotional needs of dogs, from our first-class campus offering doggie daycare and dog boarding Cincinnati, Ohio to our personnel and dog trainers to our activities.

Research shows dogs are their best when they know what to expect and have a routine, are engaged in physical and mental stimulating activities and get the proper amount of rest.


If your furry friend is a newbie here, or a nervous Nellie, we’ll make sure they're introduced gradually to the grounds, the team and their new canine friends, before they spends any extended time with us.

For special cases, geriatric dogs, and those dogs who only enjoy the company of human companions, we offer a One-on-One Boarding program specialized to fit your dog’s needs.

Interested in Dog Boarding?

We provide the best in dog boarding Northern Kentucky and dog boarding Cincinnati and will provide you with our dog boarding prices. Individual dog boarding is necessary for some families and their furry friends and we completely understand that and will gauge if that is something you will need to do. If you think all-inclusive, positive, nearly bark free dog boarding near Cincinnati, Ohio and dog boarding in Northern Kentucky is right for you and your dog then apply now! Or feel free to call our administrative office with any questions you might have (859)-282-6504.

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