Compare Our Costs Daycare

At first glance, other Doggie Daycares may look less expensive and their open drop off and pick up times might seem ideal – but here at NBK9 we do things differently for a reason. Before you’re taken in by the low rates, take a look at their a-la-carte menus. Take into consideration that having structured day for your furry family members means that we know exactly who is coming in and when. This allows us to create a routine for all of the dogs in our care and provide the best experience we can for them. 

At NBK9, your dog comes before the dollar and that’s why we don’t have any a-la-carte charges. Your dog is a member of your family and here they are truly treated exactly like that: a member of the family.

We can’t imagine making you pay so that your furry family member can potty more than twice a day – or asking you to pay extra just because your dog is larger. Giving your dog a great day is our job, so shouldn’t potty breaks, treats and playtimes come with the territory for your dog’s enjoyable stay? When everything is included in one fair price you can rest assured that your dog is getting our very best, and that you won’t be surprised by hidden charges.

Compare Our Dog Daycare Cost to Our Northern Kentucky Competitors

Click through the options below to compare

NBK9 – $28.00

NKY Competitor 1 – $27.00

NKY Competitor 2 – $24.00

NKY Competitor 3 – $23.00


  • When & How Often – Multiple times on a rotating schedule throughout the day
  • Where – Outside on covered potty grass area

NKY Competitor 1

  • When & How Often – Anytime
  • Where – On the floor inside

NKY Competitor 2

  • When & How Often – Whenever the staff has a chance (AM, Noon, PM)
  • Where – Pavement with minimal grass

NKY Competitor 3

  • When & How Often – Anytime, Patio once in the AM and once in the PM
  • Where – On the floor & Pavement patio


  • When & How Long – Multiple times on a rotating schedule throughout the day
  • Where – 1 of 6 Daycare nap rooms with Classical music and Kong treat

NKY Competitor 1

  • When & How Long – 2 hour rest midday, (2) 45 minute rest while in playroom
  • Where – Crates for naptime and in the playroom

NKY Competitor 2

  • When & How Long – 30 minute rest, Created in playroom if the dog needs another rest
  • Where – Crated during 30 minute rest, Crated in playroom if they need another rest

NKY Competitor 3

  • When & How Long – 1-2 hours midday
  • Where – Playroom with toys picked up

NBK9 – Multiple times on a rotating schedule throughout the day, 3 grassy outside playareas and 3 indoor playareas depending on the weather

NKY Competitor 1 – 8-9 hours

NKY Competitor 2 – AM to Noon, Afternoon to pickup

NKY Competitor 3 – AM to 11:00 AM, Afternoon to pickup

NBK9 – Stuffed Kongs, no al-la-carte charges

NKY Competitor 1 – $8.00

NKY Competitor 2 – None given, None allowed from home

NKY Competitor 3 – Not encouraged, but can bring from home

NBK9 – None

NKY Competitor 1 – “Depends on the dog”

NKY Competitor 2 – None

NKY Competitor 3 – “Aggressive breeds, such as Pitbulls”

NBK9 – 1:8

NKY Competitor 1 – 1:15-20

NKY Competitor 2 – 1:12-22

NKY Competitor 3 – 1:20

To learn more about our all-inclusive daycare, call our reservation desk. (859)-282-6504