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What Do We Do?

We strongly commit to an environment where the dog truly comes first and where they are recognized as family members.We provide more flexible training options to accommodate the busy lifestyle of today and extra coaching if needed.We bridge a healthy relationship between owner and dog. We realize having a dog is not easy and it truly “takes a village” of support.We structure schedules to enable and enhance  each dog’s experience to be as positive possible and keep them safe, both physically and emotionally.We practice and teach effective, positive, force-free training methods and canine management techniques.We provide the opportunity to include dogs who may need more time and attention by utilizing customized programs designed just for them.

Why Do We Do Things Differently?

New Beginnings is not a traditional kennel.  We strive to give each individual dog what’s needed according to temperament, age, size, health and behavioral factors. We take into consideration each dog’s emotional well-being and listen to what your dog is trying to tell us. That’s also part of the reason we’re able to integrate most dogs into our daycare, even those who haven’t been successful in daycare elsewhere. The professionals at NBK9 understand dogs. We base all we do on the latest research, positive reinforcement training, and lots of love, because we know your dog is family. Our facility is built around the newest thinking on dog behavior.

Our Core Values

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